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Mono Pump Applications

Agricultural Pumping
NOV Mono manufacture an extensive range of pumping equipment for water supply, which are typically used for stock water and small scale irrigation, but also used for village and town water supplies:

- Agricultural Slurries & Storage Tank

- Irrigation Livestock & Water Supply
- Water Supply from Wells
- Water extraction from rivers & wells
- Borehole pumping & Potable water supply
- Water transfer from tanks & dams 

Solar Pumping
With over 30 years experience and expertise in manufacturing solar pumps for the global market, not to mention its leadership role in researching and developing new progressive cavity (PC) pump technologies, NOV Mono takes into consideration factors such as the lack of power, the terrain and distance that the pumping system needs to cover, to provide the solution to suit your needs.

Waste Water
NOV Mono has evolved to provide you with an efficient and reliable pumping solution when processing waste water. We have the expertise to select the correct materials to avoid wear and prolong the life of the product. We also understand that solids within the flow can cause pipework and pump blockages, therefore NOV Mono manufactures macerators and grinders to eliminate this problem.

General Industry
Almost every field of industry involves a variety of positive pumping duties, many of which are extremely demanding. These duties demand the ability to pump fluids with solids in suspension as well as the ability to handle corrosive, abrasive, highly viscous and sensitive products. These and many other requirements are met by our pump ranges and are complemented by our munchers for maceration of solids within flow to help protect pumps and help process systems.

-  Nuisance water
- PVC slurry
- Bio-waste & Bentonite slurry
- Waste flushings & Resins waste
- Hazardous & non-hazardous solutions
- Diesel fuel oil & Hot alkaline water
- Recycled solvent

Mining Range
NOV Mono has extensive experience in mine dewatering and significant involvement in mineral processing activities in Australia. The pump is ideally suited for handling abrasive slurries at high total heads.
NOV Mono has taken the challenge out of dewatering by launching the new EZstrip mine dewatering solution. Growing its family of revolutionary maintain-in-place (MIP) solutions, the EZstrip innovation is set to transform the mine dewatering industry by significantly reducing costly downtime.

* Reduction in maintenance time up to 80%.
* MIP for quicker more efficient way of working.
* Requires only standard maintenance equipment to maintain/install.
* Pre-assemble drive train elements, guaranteeing the integrity of the asset.
* Eliminating dismantling lengths.
* No gland, belts or pulleys to maintain.
* Provide optimal safety to maintenance staff.
* Considerable reduction in size, weight and height allowing for greater flexibility and maneuverability.

Wine/Food & Beverage
We can select the correct material for your hygienic or non-hygienic application.

Aftermarket & Universal Parts
When evaluating the purchase of a new pump, we understand the lifetime cost is of the utmost importance.
We offer:
* Quality assurance and guaranteed genuine Mono spare parts.
* Universal spares to suit other recognized brands of helical rotor pumps.